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products_picture.jpg (56311 bytes)Products
Dan's Whetstone Company, Inc. produces and supplies Natural Arkansas Whetstones, Bonded Abrasives, Honing Oil & Beverage Buddies Sandstone Coasters for:

bulletIndustrial Tools & Files
bulletDental/Surgical Stones
bulletJewelers' Stones
bulletWoodcraft Stones
bulletSporting Goods
bulletHousehold Use
bulletCustom Designs
bulletCompany Product Advertising


"The Bitterness of Poor Quality Lingers Long After the Sweetness of Cheap Price is Forgotten!"

Dan's Whetstone Company, Inc. prides itself in providing the customer with genuine Arkansas Novaculite in all grades of stone.  You can be confident that when you order a stone from Dan he will not send a substitute stone or grade.  For more information about stone grades see our page Stone Grades 101.

benchstones.jpg (26978 bytes)Bench Stones
    Bench Stones are probably the most popular whetstone shape known to users universally.  Bench Stones are commonly used for sharpening a variety of knives and cutting tools.  Dan's Whetstone Company produces standard 2" and 3" wide stones in a variety of lengths to satisfy most consumer needs.  We also have genuine black Arkansas novaculite available, don't be fooled by the rumor that "Black Arkansas Novaculite is extinct!"
pocket.jpg (18265 bytes)Pocket Stones
    Pocket Stones are the carry-all, cure-all for quick touch-ups on your knife edges.  Perfect for small blades and tools, Pocket Stones offer portability along with superior sharpening ability.  Dan's Whetstone Company produces a complete line of Pocket Stones, each with a leather pouch for clean storage and protection of the stone, including genuine black Arkansas novaculite, don't be fooled by the rumor that "Black Arkansas Novaculite is no longer available!"
files.jpg (30859 bytes)Arkansas Files
    Dan's Whetstone Company produces a wide variety of file shapes designed to meet most all sharpening and deburring needs.  We hand shape all of our stones to strict tolerances.  We produce seven different file shapes, three round slip stone sizes and four carving tools to provide a means of sharpening hard to reach recesses and edges on tools, instruments, dies and molds.  Wood carvers, mold makers, even dental hygienists have found our products to be superior in grade, craftsmanship, shape and usefulness.


ezhones1.jpg (46934 bytes)EZ Hones                                                                                                                                                          
Dan's Whetstone Company, Inc., has created the perfect sharpening stone kit                                 Master Knife Maker Lin Rhea
to satisfy users universally.  Our EZ Hone Knife Sharpening System comes                                   with one of his creations and a
complete with 3 or 4 stones and built-in reference angles.  All this in a re-sealable                             Custom 12" x 2-1/2" x 1/2"
tube for easy and clean storage.  Keep it inyour tackle box, with your hunting gear,                        Dan's EZ Hone with a Custom
in your glove box, or in your kitchen drawer!                                                                                          Laser Engraved Box.
ArkSticks.jpg (47069 bytes)Arkansas Sticks
Dan's Arkansas Sticks have utilized the basic design of the popular ceramic sticks while offering a natural Soft Arkansas stone.  Dan's Arkansas Stick has been designed for strength and stability, to improve safety.  At the same time it offers a flat surface which is very important for maintaining a straight edge on your knife.  The stone sides can be utilized for serrated knives.


Dan's Whetstone Company provides a 3 stone sharpening system called a Tri-Hone, it comes complete with a 1-ounce bottle of honing oil as pictured.
Oil bath replacement stones are also available.
Gold Test
Gold Test are one of our popular products for jewelers and pawn shops.  This is a natural black Arkansas novaculite stone commonly referred to as a touch stone or streak stone.  We offer a variety of sizes both with and without a wooden box.
wpeE.jpg (8945 bytes)Bonded Abrasives
Bonded Abrasives, or manmade stones, are popular for their faster cutting properties.  They are excellent for users who need to produce a quick sharp edge or need to re-shape an edge.


honing_oil.jpg (40029 bytes)Honing Oil & Oil Bath Replacement Stones oilbathrplcstones.jpg (31525 bytes)
Dan's Whetstone Company also provides honing oil which is necessary to clean and maintain the effectiveness of your stone.
Honing oil is also a good light all purpose oil for your household needs. 
                                                                                                                                                                Also available are 11-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 1/2"
                                                                                                                                                                        Oil Bath Replacement Stones.


bevbuds.jpg (79574 bytes)Beverage Buddies Sandstone Coasters
    Beverage Buddies Sandstone Coasters are handcrafted from naturally absorbent sandstone provided by Mother Nature.  Beverage Buddies absorb beverage container condensation, thus eliminating water rings, stains and messy run-off on your home or office furniture.  These are also a  great advertising item for your business.



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